Best Call Center Software

The best call center software offers a simple solution for an enterprise-class telecommunications experience for small and medium-sized businesses.

Call centers used to be something that only companies could afford, but cloud phone systems (will open in new tab) can now also provide an accessible and affordable call center solution to simplify the management of all customer and staff communications.

Since everything is controlled by software, this means that there are no expensive hardware costs, let alone the construction of your own call center. In addition, since it runs from your existing business phone system (opens in a new tab), it means that all your communication can be handled by the same software and phones that you already use.

In addition, the best call center solutions can also be distributed for home workers as well as employees in the office.

Standard features include all forms of call forwarding, which should normally include interactive voice response (IVR) (opens in new tab) and queue messaging (opens in new tab), among others. Also note that some call center service providers offer complete SaaS platforms, such as Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) (opens in new tab) and Contact Platform as a Service (CPaaS).

In addition, using the same software platform means that you can collect and analyze data on all aspects of your business communication, from KPIs for telephone agents to workflows that lead to the best customer solution. The result is the ability to generate reports on efficiency and productivity and have clear ways to improve both.

The fact that a call center can now be operated via a software solution means that the market is becoming increasingly crowded and existing VoIP providers are crowding with older phone companies to offer a plan for them. In order to simplify the decision-making process, we present the best call center software solutions below.

What is Call Center Software?

Call center software is an application with functions for managing customer communication from several channels and sources. It helps agents make outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, track call metrics, and perform personnel management.

In a call center, a group of people takes care of all telephone conversations, and the contact center is the center for all customer conversations that take place via phone, email, chat or social media.

There are two types of call center solutions:

  • Local Call Center software
  • Cloud-hosted call center software

With local systems, you get control over the phone systems, but for this you have to pay for hardware and this includes the effort and cost of maintaining the system. Another disadvantage of this type of system is that it limits the scalability of enterprises for multiple sites. All these limitations are overcome by cloud-hosted contact center software.

With cloud-hosted call center software, no hardware is needed and the price depends on the usage. No installations will be required either. It offers advantages such as security and availability of data (anytime, anywhere, anywhere).

List of the best Call center software

Below are the most popular call center solutions that are mainly used around the world, including countries such as the USA, the UK and India.

  • RingCentral Contact Center
  • CloudTalk Business Phone System
  • Dialpad
  • LiveAgent
  • Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software
  • 8*8 Virtual Call Centre
  • Talkdesk Cloud Platform
  • Zendesk Talk for Inbound Call
  • Avaya Contact Center
  • Ytel
  • Freshcaller by Freshdesk
  • CrazyCall
  • Convoso

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