How to Delete and Close Instagram?

Delete Instagram ? The question is the question with the highest volume of answers on the internet. Why does Instagram, which has millions of users and is one of the most popular video and photo sharing applications, want to be closed by its users? Instagram account freezing or deletion? And most importantly, close Instagram ? we will talk about them.

What is Instagram?

Instagram iPhone devices in 2010 and is a social sharing platform that was first developedWith it becoming the most used social media application of recent times, millions of photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day, and millions of likes come to these shares. 

Especially after it was acquired by Facebook, Instagram, which has hundreds of millions of users and has the highest user growth rate among social media networks, is not only a social network where individual users share photos, but also one of the most active channels used by businesses for e-commerce. has been.

With the introduction of the Internet into our daily lives, social media has become indispensable. One of the frequently used social media platforms, insta , is one of the most popular and largest social media with its number of users exceeding one hundred million. 

If you are tired of Instagram, whose number of users is mostly young and you think you spend a lot of time, you can delete your account permanently, or if you want to get away for a while, you can freeze your Instagram account. In this article, we will freeze or delete an Instagram talk about how to

First of all, what you need to know is that freezing Instagram account and permanently deleting Instagram are separate processes. So if you want to go away for a while, you can freeze your account, if you want to stay away permanently, you can delete your account permanently.

Turning Off Instagram Notifications

If you are tired of Instagram notifications, you can turn off your like and comment notifications in the “Settings” section and get away from notifications without having to close your Instagram account. For users who want to get rid of notifications, it is possible to turn off all notifications with a few simple settings.

To turn off Instagram notifications: 

1- First of all, open the Instagram application and go to your profile.

2- Tap the three lines in the upper right corner.

3- Go to the settings tab, which appears as three dots on Android devices and a gear on iPhone.

4- Tap on Notifications option.

5- You “Instant Notifications” tab, “Stop All” or you can select the notifications that you do not want to see with detailed filters and turn them off only, thus avoiding the crowd of notifications.

 by following the steps below Instagram account freeze .

How to Close an Instagram Account?

Unfortunately, Instagram account deactivation cannot be performed from mobile devices.via the browser or Instagram account deletion link and perform the account freezing and deletion processes.

1- To delete Instagram, first log in to your account.

2- After logging into the account, click on the My Profile to your username “Settings” Click

 On the screen that appears, select the edit profile option at the top left and click on the account deletion tab at the end of the page, specify the reason for deleting your account, enter your password and click the ‘delete account permanently’ button.

Thus, your Instagram account will be permanently closed.

How to Temporarily Close Instagram Account?

Closing your account completely is an irreversible action. Therefore, it Instagram account freeze may be a better option to perform

If you close your account completely, your data such as your photos and followers will be deleted completely, while your data will be archived by Instagram when you temporarily close or freeze the account. However, your Instagram account cannot be viewed by other users.

If you freeze Instagram, just log in with your last password to log in again. Thus, your Instagram account will be reopened.

Why is Instagram Account Closed?

If You Login to Insagram at Every Opportunity: There are many different reasons for users to decide to close an Instagram account. One of them is that it causes you to spend too much time on the Internet. If you are checking your Instagram account, especially during work breaks, on the way home in the evening, on the road and at home, you may decide to delete your Instagram account in order to spend your time more useful.

You Are Being Isolated in Social Life: If you are logging into your Instagram account on your phone instead of chatting when you spend time with your family at home or meet with your friends. This is a very important situation for the decision to freeze the Instagram account. 

 If you want to be forgotten on the Internet: Internet technologies not only make our lives easier, but at the same time, people who are disclosed in all developments in our lives, and even critically important, can cause data to circulate from hand to hand. If you do not feel safe in this internet ecosystem close Instagram , you can start using your right to be forgotten by taking the decision to

Billions of messages, videos and photos are shared every day through hundreds of different social networks, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and more. Although these opportunities seem to add convenience to our lives, they actually weaken social communication, cultural structure and intimacy between people day by day. 

Of course, besides these, information confidentiality is disappearing day by day and personal data that can carry vital risks can be easily obtained from the internet. These data can be used by malicious people and cause irreversible material and moral damages.

If you are uncomfortable with these situations and you have question marks about the security of the internet, you can delete the applications you use the most and close your user accounts.

we mentioned Instagram shutdown process above and prevent access to your data via social networks, the processing of this data and possible damages to you. 

social networksOf course, it is also possible to exist safely inFor this;

  • Pay attention to the confidentiality of your personal data while sharing.
  • Take care to share your more special moments, not every moment.
  • Block your account from being seen by anyone other than your friends.
  • Do not share your account information with anyone and set your passwords as long and complex as possible.
  • Do not forget that every share and comment you make on social networks can hurt your head legally.

In the light of all the information, you can now delete Instagram and decide how you want to maintain your presence in social networks.

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