What is Bitcoin, How did it Emerge?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that exists independently of any center or person. A person or group nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world with his article. Bitcoin does not have a center, nor does it have any payment unit to which it is affiliated.

When did Bitcoin emerge?

Although Bitcoin started its Internet roaming in 2008, Bitcoin started to attract great interest in 2009. What is the value of Bitcoin, which is not connected to any center, determined by? In fact, it has a system equivalent to the economy. This is a kind of supply-demand balance. As demand for Bitcoin increases, its value increases, while the value of Bitcoin automatically decreases when demand decreases.

How to convert money to Bitcoin

Unlike normal coins, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and is protected by high-security passwords. To own Bitcoin, you must own a wallet on the cryptocurrency exchanges and you can convert your money into Bitcoin in exchange for TL, USD, or Euros with transactions from these wallets or wallets.

About Bitcoin mining

To invest in Bitcoin , you must first do as much detailed research as possible about cryptocurrency exchanges. As many companies operate in this area, there may be big differences between the transaction fees to be requested from you. Once you choose which platform you want to invest on, you should create your membership and process a second security network.

After briefly summarizing Bitcoin acquisition, there are some questions about Bitcoin production next.  First of all, we should say that Bitcoin is created in a virtual environment and by multiple software. Powerful hardware and software are used in the process of producing Bitcoin, which is defined as Bitcoin mining. The basic principle of this process is that the more work is done, the more Bitcoin will be produced.

How is Bitcoin produced?

Screen cards and other necessary hardware required to produce Bitcoin in its early stages have been designed to produce Bitcoin today and have been replaced by a device that can be connected to the computer via USB port. Bitcoin production can be made from houses. However, the equipment to be used for this should be quite strong and your Internet connection should be uninterrupted. At this point, it is of utmost importance that the people who will produce Bitcoin constantly follow the updates and allocate a long time to this work. Another point to be considered is that high levels of electricity consumption should be taken into consideration. All these considerations should be taken into account when starting Bitcoin production.

Is it profitable to produce Bitcoin?

Virtual wallets can be created as much as desired for Bitcoins produced. So there is no limit to creating a virtual wallet. Each generated virtual wallet has a different number and the cryptocurrencies earned or generated are sent to the wallets through these numbers. Bitcoins whose numbers you transfer to these wallets, which you can think of as an account or IBAN number, can even be purchased on some e-commerce sites, although they are very few for now.

While Bitcoin production was previously more profitable, it became more costly with increasing hardware and energy requirements and production started not to be as profitable as before. In this case, agreements with companies for a certain collection fee have become a more advantageous option. In the agreements made with these companies, which are called cloud miners, the situation of bearing the necessary costs for production has been eliminated.

Details about the emergence of Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin was said to have emerged in 2009, cryptocurrency was first mentioned in the Cypherpunk manifesto in the early 90s. However, Satoshi Nakamoto’s mention of Bitcoin in his manifest in 2008 accelerated this process. Nakamoto, who is in constant contact with Cyperpunk, has been repeatedly told that this cryptocurrency will not be accepted by the states, but Nakamoto has always returned with a different project. Hal Finney was the first person to make a positive return to Nakamoto, transferring his Bitcoin to the world and announcing it. Thus, Bitcoin was the subject of a transaction for the first time.

Is Bitcoin legal?

Another detail curious about Bitcoin, a virtual payment instrument, is the question of “Can unlimited Bitcoin be produced?” There is also a limit and procedure for producing Bitcoin. According to the procedure, only 21 million Bitcoins can be produced. The system that operates in Bitcoin production focuses on producing 1 Bitcoin every 10 minutes. Therefore, if 1 Bitcoin cannot be produced during this period, it remains below the target. Although Bitcoin production has continued for 9 years, the fact that there are no Bitcoin clauses in the laws of many countries makes Bitcoin practically legal. However, there are also some countries that ban Bitcoin for various economic reasons.

On the other hand, you can have more than one Bitcoin wallet. But these wallets will not have your name on them. Although your name is not visible, the money in the account is visible to everyone. This can be regarded as an indicator of the transparent structure. In addition to this, all Bitcoins created by the distribution of different networks are recorded in many places.

Bitcoin overview

Bitcoin is not a central currency. This cryptocurrency is not unicentric, i.e. it is managed from different locations. Naturally, even if a server goes offline, you do not lose money, you keep earning. In Bitcoin, transfer transactions are carried out quite quickly after the network verifies the transaction.

Another important issue that is curious about Bitcoin is whether the sent Bitcoins can be retrieved. If the Bitcoin wallet is not sent by the address owner, you will not be able to recover the Bitcoins you transferred, even if you sent them to the wrong address. There are a lot of Bitcoins in the Bitcoin market that have previously been converted to Bitcoin but have not been traded afterwards, and this is said to be caused by users who have forgotten their passwords. If so, you must remember your password for smooth Bitcoin transactions and maintain it under high-level security measures.

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