Which countries stand out in cryptocurrency investment?

Bitcoin and altcoin (alternative coin) types, which attract considerable attention from Turkey, continue to attract many investors with their striking increases from time to time.

The concept of cryptocurrency entered our lives in 2008 with Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency announced by a notice issued by someone or persons nicknamed Satoshi Nakamato. Bitcoin, which increased its mass over time with the advantage of software architecture based on blockchain technology, managed to attract the attention of the whole world this time when it increased its value to 19,000 US Dollars in 2017. Bitcoin and altcoin (alternative coin) types, which attract considerable attention from Turkey, continue to attract many investors with their striking increases from time to time.

The number of people entering cryptocurrency markets is increasing day by day. The leading countries in cryptocurrency investment have begun to introduce some legal regulations in this regard, and even some of them have put them into effect. So, which countries are more interested in cryptocurrency markets? According to a report published by Use The Bitcoin in June 2019, the 10 countries with the most Bitcoin and altcoin varieties globally are listed as follows:

United States

The United States, one of the most important forces in the global economy, is best known as the country experiencing cryptocurrency mobility. Considering that it has a population of approximately 327 million, it is considered a remarkable figure that 8% of the people who transact in cryptocurrencies at least once.


This is not surprising for those who know that information technology companies prefer Romania as their hub. Thanks to many young people and technology enthusiasts living in Romania, 12% of the country’s population holds many cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

Czech Republic

As the number of Bitcoin ATMs opened in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, increases, so does the pace of adoption of Bitcoin in the country. Nearly 10% of people in the country, with a population of about 11 million, reportedly invest in cryptocurrencies.


China is trying to further increase its weight in the world economy, especially through its political and economic policies over the past three years. Despite strict bureaucratic controls and bans, many Chinese reportedly hold various cryptocurrencies in different ways.


In Spain, where there are numerous banks that convert Bitcoin-fit currencies and related Bitcoin ATMs, approximately 10% of the population is reported to be trading in cryptocurrencies.


In Poland, which has a population of about 40 million, 12% of the population has other cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, in their investment portfolios.


The political uncertainties brought about by the geopolitical position of our country and the related volatile economy have caused our citizens to show great interest in the cryptocurrency market. Especially in recent years, the rapid rise of the US dollar against Turkish Lira and the unexpected depreciation of Turkish Lira have made the cryptocurrency market a more attractive alternative for our citizens. The remarkable rise in cryptocurrency transactions in the last 1.5 years confirms this.


Japan, which applies a much tougher cryptocurrency arrangement than other countries, nevertheless holds an important place in the global cryptocurrency community. The Japanese state, which desires to implement blockchain technology mostly in order to increase initiatives and innovation efforts, is one of the few developed countries that draw a systematic and specific legal framework for cryptocurrency investment.


In Switzerland, which is known for its unique banking system, both state institutions and investors are very warm to cryptocurrency markets. Many banks in the country have recently said they recognise and legally accept cryptocurrencies. In addition, many banks and financial institutions in the country have said that the state should support this market more globally.


In Britain, which is one of the most rooted and powerful economies in the world, the main part of the United Kingdom, the number of citizens trading cryptocurrencies is also thought to be quite high. It is not unusual for citizens, especially Bitcoin, to have many different cryptocurrencies in the country that has a stronger currency against the US dollar. The fact that Bitcoin’s value is based on US Dollars, so that British citizens can make 10% more profit on Bitcoin investments compared to the US, is also an important factor in this process.

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